inFOCUSed Support for Professional Learning

inFOCUS is a coaching and consulting company that provides customized professional learning for a variety of organizations. Our purpose is to elevate the professional learning of leaders and individuals. This creates communities and systems of decision-makers who promote sustained and continuous growth to increase achievement and maintain success. We collaborate with organizational leadership to support the implementation of current goals and initiatives by focusing staff on critical thinking that leads to metacognitive learning.

In order to provide customized professional learning, inFOCUS utilizes ongoing formative assessment combined with feedback from leadership to determine current strengths and opportunities for growth. Grounded in specific beliefs about how people learn, inFOCUS uses a model that is flexible, fluid, and focused in order to personalize professional learning and best support our clients.

Currently, inFOCUS provides customized coaching and consulting services to the following:

  • Public schools, K-12
  • Private schools, K-12
  • Non-profit educational organizations
  • Collegiate and university professors across a variety of content areas
  • Corporate Trainers/Professional Trainers
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Individual professionals