The College at Brockport, SUNYHeather Donnelly possesses the skills and knowledge needed to understand the big issues in our field while focusing on the day-to-day operations facing teachers and schools. She has the pedagogical experience and coaching background to design and scaffold meaningful and formative professional development for both administrators and teachers. In my work with Heather I have found that she is adept at reframing complex issues having to do with the Common Core standards, teacher evaluations, and data to create thoughtful staff development and coaching scenarios that empower teachers and principals.

Heather is first and foremost a master teacher and role model. She thinks critically about issues related to education and uses that critical thinking to assess how to guide teachers and teacher leaders. And it is the teacher in her that enables her to make the connections to practitioners, making her unique among the many others who work with adult learners in our field.

Jeff Linn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Administration
The College at Brockport

Cornell UniversityI recently left the corporate world to start my own consulting business and enter the teaching profession as an adjunct professor at Cornell University in the Johnson School of Management. Having known Heather for several years and her work in education and professional learning, I reached out to her for help in my transition into Cornell. She provided numerous suggestions and input into both my lesson plans and classroom approach by coaching me through the theory on how people learn. Heather also provided in-class observations and feedback sessions. These professional learning experiences were invaluable in my development, my ability to articulate a message that could be enthusiastically absorbed by the students, and in increasing student learning.

Mark Mette
Independent Management Consultant
Adjunct Professor, Cornell University

Victor - Striving for ExcellenceHeather is a successful instructional coach with a strong background in K-12 education. She possesses a winning combination of highly developed leadership skills and a deep understanding of teaching and learning research. In her current work, she combines a solid record of classroom teaching experience, formal training in leadership and a natural talent for coaching individuals and small groups. Heather is a creative, enthusiastic and collaborative instructional coach who fosters a productive working relationship with teachers and administrators alike. Students are the ultimate winners in Heather’s work with schools. Better prepared teachers and leaders leads to better prepared students.

Dawn A. Santiago-Marullo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Victor Central School District, NY