Engage | Empower | Elevate

Engage Thinking

At inFOCUS, our professional learning model utilizes a coaching approach.  By asking purposeful questions in one-on-one and collaborative group settings, we engage professionals in thinking critically about their practice and focus them on what we want them to learn.  We believe that it is important to plan experiences that engage learners in critical thinking, shifting the focus of professional development to the process of professional growth.

Empower Leadership

When professionals are actively involved in their own learning, they take ownership for this learning and are empowered to make decisions essential to their success and that of their organization. At inFOCUS, we focus current leaders on how to refine their practice and effectively implement professional learning opportunities to empower the leadership of others in their organization, thus creating a community or system of decision-makers.

Elevate Learning

At inFOCUS, our professional learning experiences focus on what we know about how people process information.  By providing customized learning experiences that engage participants in critical thinking about their specific practice, professionals feel supported as they apply new learning to achieve increased success.  We plan for how to provide gradual and guided support for staff to promote deeper understanding and successful change to professional practice.