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Common Core: Implementation getting in the way of a good thing

I appreciate the professional conversation focused on a significant issue in public education; I think it's important to look at all sides of an issue to truly understand its effects.  While I agree that Common Core raises the bar for learners of all ages, I argue that this is not a bad thing.  I have worked with K-12 students and teachers across urban, suburban, and rural settings, and what I observe is that as a Nation, we grossly underestimate our students’ capabilities.  The problem lies not in Common Core and its expectations.  Rather, I position that the issue is in.... read more

The Power of Purpose

Learning Quote What is your purpose for learning this year? Often times, I meet people who go through school, trainings, workshops -- a host of learning experiences – either unclear of their purpose or simply to fulfill a purpose outlined for them by someone else. If I had a dime for every time I asked a student, “What are you learning today? Why do you think Mr./Mrs. Soandso wants you to do this?” and was met with the response, “Um, I don’t know,” well…I’d have a LOT more dimes. Enough dimes to open.... read more