Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Season of Change…turn, turn, turn

Heather Donnelly President and Owner
During a recent business trip, a comment was made that struck me so much that I have pondered it for several days. It went something like, “You keep using the word ‘change’ like it’s a good thing. Why does everyone assume change is good or needed? Sometimes, change is a bad thing.” At the time, I felt that I had to defend my beliefs about change. I am, in fact, a change agent of sorts,.... read more

inFOCUS – Engage | Empower | Elevate

Heather Donnelly President and Owner
Those who know me are not surprised that I wanted to launch this company. I love learning! I love the processes of thinking and collaborating and how much I grow from every meaningful interaction I have with others. Even in my early teaching career, I can remember putting my ideas out there for all to see, eager to learn from and with my new colleagues…only to be met with resistance and a misunderstanding of the professional “food chain”.... read more